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Protect your Guitar in the Summer

It gets hot here in Texas. It was 100 degrees in Arlington in June last year. The heat can and will affect your guitars and it doesn't take long for a guitar to be significantly damaged if left in a hot car, garage, or a rehearsal space with no climate control. The glue can soften and the string tension can cause major problems, the neck can warp, and more.

The heat can also affect the tuning of your intrument because it causes the wood to expand, contract and warp.

If you are noticing problems staying in tune, it may be time for a setup.

If you pulled Grandpa's old guitar out of the garage or attic, it's definitely in need of a setup.

If you notice any warping of the neck or the top of your acoustic is starting to belly out around the bridge (which changes the action), it's time for some adjustments.

and no....bringing it in out of the heat will not miraculously fix the problem.

Contact me and let me give you a free estimate on a setup or adjustment of your instrument. My rates are $30 per hour and I'm available to schedule appointments 5 days a week.

And if you decide to take that summer trip with your guitar, keep it out of the car trunk.

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