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Our Services

Custom one-of-a-kind solid bodies, built to your specifications in Arlington, Texas - Starting at $499.00

Expert handling of all customers' instruments

General repair and setups

Fretwork (fret dress and adjusting)

Retrofits and customizations

Complete custom paint jobs

Appraisals - wholesale appraisals (what a store will pay for an instrument), insurance appraisals (replacement value), and retail appraisals (what the going market is if you are looking to sell your instrument)

 Neck adjustments

Bridge adjustments, including intonation

Electrical work- rewiring, resoldering, replacing electronic components and pickups

Replacement of hardware and parts

 Readjustment of Floyd Rose tremolo systems, including resetting for change of string gauge or altered tunings

 Setup of string height (action) specific to player’s requirements

Restringing of any stringed instrument

 Correction of warped necks


Tuning key installation/repair

Nut, bridge and saddles replacement

 Custom Pickup installation

Input jack repair/replacement

 Break, crack, and warp repairs

Instrument cable repair


Authorized Warrior Guitar Technician

Authorized AllParts Dealer

Authorized JLD Bridge Systems Dealer 

Authorized Ernie Ball Dealer

Authorized Tradition Guitars Dealer


DFW Guitars is an authorized dealer and installer of JLD Bridge Systems.  Repairing your warped acoustic guitar with no drilling, screwing or gluing.  Restores your acoustic to its original state, increases volume, tone and sustain, lowers the bridge for better action.

Best news....It's AFFORDABLE!

Before Installation of JLD Bridge System

JLD Before1

After Installation of JLD Bridge System

JLD After


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