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A Jimi Hendrix Experience


Further proof why I love my job and consider myself blessed... Around 2:00 this afternoon a man walks into the store. I asked him "how can I help you?" and he presents me with an older Fender guitar case. He said "I need to have this restrung left-handed, and I'll pay you well for your time." Just before I go into my usual explanation about "I have a shop in Arlington, you need to leave the instrument with me, etc,..etc,.." He say's to me "This was Jimi Hendrix's guitar". Ok...I sort of chuckled to myself and thought "here we go!" He then proceeds to open the case and show me this vintage white strat, along with all the certificates of authenticity, appraisals from Christie's, pictures of Jimi playing the guitar, as well as Jimi's brother and father with the guitar. Needless to say I sort of fell into a state of shock and time stood still for the next hour. It was as if Jimi himself had walked into the store. Word spread quickly and within minutes the entire staff of the store were clamoring around me trying to just get a peek at the guitar or touch it even have a picture taken with it. Everyone was on such a natural high, adrenaline rush and genuine sense of awe, it was too cool!! So long story short,..(too late, I know) The owner had an interested buyer for the guitar..a famous musician...hmm. The asking price by the way,....$750,000. I changed the strings back around to left-handed, polished it up and I still have butterflies in my stomach... Here are the photos. And how was your day?!!

Jimi Hendrix

Dave holding Jimi Hendrix Strat

Jimi Case Photos of Jimi's Dad and Brother with guitar; Authentication from Christi's; Photo's of Jimi with the guitar; Letter from Jimi's brother authenticating the guitar.


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