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Make Your Old Guitar Sing Like Never Before

DFW Guitars is an authorized dealer and installer of the JLD Bridge System (US PATENT 5-260-505).

Guitar strings constantly pull up and forward, ultimately causing the top on your acoustic guitar to warp, or "belly."  The older your guitar is, the more likely that the top is warped just behind the bridge.

There is no modification to your guitar involved in installing the JLD Bridge System.

The Bridge System also acts as a soundpost, transferring string vibrations to the body woods directly from the bridge. After installing the Bridge System, the top will no longer be warped and the guitar will have more volume and sustain and will have a richer tone.  This will also greatly reduce the string height, or action, making the guitar much easier to play.

Special bridge pins are used to mount the JLD Bridge System inside the guitar using the existing bridge pin holes.  They also make string changes easier.  The pins come in plan brass, mother of pearl or abalone inlay.

I would not recommend this system unless I had used it on my own instrument first.  I’ve installed the system in my 1973 Takamine and was sold from the second it was in.  It immediately corrected the warped top and the volume and tone was better than I’d ever heard from that guitar. 

This system is actually a very inexpensive fix that improves the performance and tone of your guitar.  But more importantly, your guitar will not be altered in any way with drilling, screws or glues.

Contact Dave at DFW Guitars to correct your warped guitar top today!