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Dave Underwood





About Us


Welcome to DFW Guitars.  I'm Dave Underwood. Guitars are my passion. Since 1980, I have been buying, selling and trading guitars. I began working in the retail music industry in 1998, and have been repairing and restoring electric and acoustic guitars and basses, as well as amps and orchestra instruments, for Texas and California musicians since that time.  I offer repair and restorations services, appraisals, build custom guitars.

Custom Guitars

In my 30 plus years in the music industry, I have found there is a greatly overlooked niche in the guitar building industry. 
There are basically three types of guitar buyers.  The raw beginner who has absolutely no knowledge of the instrument, who needs something cheap and affordable and somewhat user friendly to get acclimated to the art of playing guitar.  The semi-pro/hobbyist guitarists who've been around the block, know what good, decent and poor equipment is, and have acquired a taste for what they particularly like as far as look, feel, playability and tone from their guitar.  And then you have the seasoned vet, professionals who know exactly what they want, or maybe are still looking for that ultimate tone they haven't quite found yet. 
Breaking this down, you have a $100 to $500 price window for the beginner to intermediate player.  You have a $500 to $1,000 price window for the intermediate to semi-pro player.  And you have the $1,000 and above for the pro-player. 
This has been the blue-print that every major guitar manufacturer has followed for the past fifty years.  It's not really about what you want, its about what they can afford to sell you and still make a good profit.  In the past, if you called up major manufacturers and order a custom guitar, you're looking at a minimum of $2,500 to start.  If you want it truly customized, not just a modification of a standard model, with your favorite pickups, electronics, body style, neck and hardware...now you're looking at $3,000 to $5,000 and up. 
I have found through my years of experience, that it is totally unnecessary to spend that kind of money for a guitar made the way YOU want it. 
With the vast quantity of quality hardwood bodies, necks, hardware, pickups, electronics and parts on the market today, a high-quality custom built guitar is obtainable on almost any budget. DFW Guitars hand-assembles all of our guitars, right here in Arlington, Texas.  Each guitar is built specific to the customer's needs, requests, style of playing and budget. We work with you, listen to you, make suggestions and hand you the guitar YOU want...not "just the one on the wall" that everybody else has. 
Each guitar comes with a full life-time warranty and includes two free setups within the first two years. The setups alone will save you about $150. 
  Each guitar comes with a hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity with your name as the model name. Each one is hand-serialized and branded on the back of the DFW Guitars headstock with the "Hand Built in Texas, USA" logo.  
All final quality control, setup and inspection is performed by Dave Underwood himself and no guitar leaves the shop until it passes his inspection and approval. 



Guitar and Bass Repair

As a full-time consultant, builder and repair technician, I also offer a knowledge base that serves my clients well - from advising collectors on the value of vintage pieces, brokering sales and purchases of collectors pieces, providing estimates for repairs of damaged instruments, evaluating restoration and replacement value of instruments, repairing, restoring and appraising instruments, to consulting with beginners on their first purchases.

I have worked on and built instruments owned by all types of players, from beginners to garage bands to professionals who make their livings with their instruments. 

Every instrument brought to me receives equal care; and setups are specified to each players' individual taste, style and technique.

My specialty is restoring old guitars and basses.  Have you got an old one in the garage, the attic, just laying around?  Did it turn into a bigger project than you anticipated or just haven’t found the time to start or finish it?  Do you think it’s a hopeless cause?  Bring it to me and I’ll turn it into a beautiful, playable, instrument.


APPOINTMENTS available 7 days a week. Let me know what your problems are, I’ll take a look at your instrument and make recommendations.  I won’t begin a repair without your prior approval and won’t make unnecessary recommendations.


Mobile services also available for shows,rehearsals and recording

DFW Guitars is an authorized dealer and installer of JLD Bridge Systems. Repairing your warped acoustic guitar with no drilling, screwing or gluing.  Restores your acoustic to its original state, increases volume, tone and sustain, lowers the bridge for better action. Best news....It's AFFORDABLE!!

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Located near Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, between I-20, I-30 and Hwy 360.




Call us at 972-684-3823
NOW ACCEPTING all brands and types of guitars and basses in need of maintenance, repair and setups.



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Arlington, Texas

 Conveniently located near I-30, 1-20 and Hwy. 360



For a service appointment, custom guitar consultation or quote, please send me a message Dave@dfwguitars.com.Include your phone number, type of instrument, and work you’d like performed in your message. Or give me a call.

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